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StoReviews: Troye Sivan’s album ‘Something to Give Each Other’

Troye Sivan - Hannah Anderson

Photo: Hannah Anderson/The Olaf Messenger

Troye Sivan is back! On Oct. 13, the 28-year-old Australian pop singer-songwriter released his third studio album, titled “Something to Give Each Other.” In an interview on Billboard’s “Pop Shop Podcast,” Sivan described the ten-track record as a tribute to the many different forms of human connection and a celebration of togetherness, community, and joy. 


“Something to Give Each Other” also represents an artistic shift for Sivan. “I knew that I was very, very, very drawn to warmth,” Sivan told Billboard. “I’ve always been. But I think in the past it’s sort of been this very melancholy warmth, and this time I didn’t feel that way.” 


Sivan cited the work of singer-songwriter Janet Jackson — specifically, her 1997 hit song “Together Again” — as a key inspiration for the album. Sivan recalls looking up to Jackson since his childhood. “That melody and those chords and the warmth that’s in [‘Together Again’] literally changed the trajectory of my life as a songwriter,” Sivan said. 


The album begins with its lead single “Rush,” which Sivan released in July. Since then, the track has accumulated over 177 million plays on Spotify, making it the album’s most-streamed. The instant hit earned Sivan two Grammy nominations: Best Pop Dance Recording and Best Music Video. In the same way that Sivan, who is gay, has risen to icon status in the LGBTQ+ community from his work to uplift and create safe spaces in his music and performances, “Rush” has earned “queer anthem” status. The album as a whole is saturated with the same queer joy and sex positivity found in its lead single, from the flirty lyrics of the penultimate track “Honey” to the album cover itself, which depicts Sivan wearing a big, bright smile on his face, his head resting between the legs of a nude lover. 


When I think of words to describe the album, “smooth,” “bright,” and “upbeat” are what first come to mind. Sivan has designed a shimmering and refreshing sound that’s fun, electric, and energizing. I appreciate how every song has a unique beat and vibe, from the dreamy, layered, and bass-heavy “One Of Your Girls” — my personal favorite — to the muted, mellow-melodied “Can’t Go Back, Baby” — my very close runner-up. This variety creates an exciting array of flavors and constructs something both cohesive and multi-dimensional without falling into sounding repetitive and overdone. The warmth that Sivan strove to create is evident throughout the record, particularly so in the collaborative track titled “In My Room,” which features Spanish singer-songwriter Guitarricadelafuente. The slower, emotive “Still Got It” beautifully completes the set as Sivan reflects on lingering feelings from a past heartbreak.


If you’ve never listened to Troye Sivan’s music before, “Something to Give Each Other” is a fantastic introduction to the artist’s charisma and musical talent. As the title suggests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and find meaning in. “[The album] went wider than I think anything ever has of mine before,” Sivan told Billboard. “And that’s really cool. I’m very grateful and thankful.” Grab some friends — or your headphones —and get ready to dance, celebrate, and, of course, feel the rush.


5 out of 5 Big Oles

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