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Teague’s top ten tips for walking in the Natural Lands


Now that we’re starting to get into the stressful part of the semester it might be a good idea to go for a walk to relax and unwind. The Natural Lands are a great place to go for a relaxing walk — if you keep these tips in mind.

  1. Bring condoms. You never know!
  2. Sing the fight song. Nothing says fun like singing the St. Olaf fight song!
  3. Bring a copy of the Mess. It’s great for kindling, toilet paper, a makeshift umbrella, or for reading!
  4. Take an old person with you. Old people are very wise and make for great company, and if you run into a dangerous wild animal you can easily outrun them.
  5. Make sure your gambling license is up to date. Don’t let them catch you!
  6. Only light seven large fireworks at a time. You don’t want to rush through the whole show, make sure to savor the experience.
  7. Leave your phone behind. There’s no safer place!
  8. Gallop. 
  9. Search for the ghost of Rev. Gjermund Hoyme. He was opposed to co-education though, so be careful!
  10. Cut your hair. A bird or a mouse could use it as a nest!

Teague Peterson-McGuire is from Oconomowoc, Wisc.

His majors are film and media studies and Nordic studies.

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