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The best drink at Tin Tea


Let’s pretend it’s not 50 degrees right now. In fact, let’s pretend that it’s May, or even September, and that it’s a hot, sunny day. The sky is blue, the clouds are scattered in whisps, it’s 80 degrees, and it’s a Tuesday afternoon. You’ve just come out of a 90-minute lecture, but it’s also your last class of the day. You’re hot, you’re tired, you’re bored — even though you have homework to do — and you want to leave campus just for a bit. You decide to go to Tin Tea.


You get there, look at the menu, and are stuck in a sea of options. What drink should I have? What combinations work? Is tapioca even that good? What is lavender milk tea? Is it purple? These are all questions we’ve pondered when ordering from this beloved store. 


But you shall question no more because I, a tea lover and mild tapioca disliker, will tell you what to get: strawberry tea with kiwi pearls. 


It’s refreshing, full of flavor, and it just makes sense. The strawberry tea is perfectly sweet. The kiwi pearls explode in your mouth and dance around your tongue, like that scene in Ratatouille when Remy eats a piece of cheese and a strawberry. The flavors combined just feel like summer, or like you’re frolicking through a field of flowers somewhere far away from Northfield. And if that doesn’t convince you, imagine all the health benefits you get from just drinking tea — bonus, it’s strawberry flavored — and how great kiwi tastes. If you’re still not convinced, you are a lost cause, and I give up. 


I like good things, you like good things, and strawberry tea with kiwi pearls is a good drink. If you don’t believe me, try it.

Lukhanyo Zwane is from Johannesburg, South Africa. Their major is undeclared.

Lukhanyo Zwane
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