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We are Angel FC

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Graphic: Finley Hogan/The Olaf Messenger


In the world of women’s professional soccer, a new team is on the horizon, and she is ready to make her mark. Founded just three short years ago, Angel City FC is a women’s soccer club based out of Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2020, Angel City has grown into a powerhouse of female representation in the world of professional soccer. 


Angel City FC was founded in 2020, but its roots go much deeper. The club emerged as a response to the growing demand for more opportunities for female soccer players and a heightened awareness of the gender disparities in sports. This new soccer club aims to create a more inclusive and equitable space for women athletes in the sport, emphasizing not only excellence on the field but also impact of it. In an interview with Fortune magazine, founder Kara Nortman said that she sees women’s sports as “the biggest value creation opportunity” in her career.


Angel City FC extends its mission beyond the field, actively engaging with local communities and emphasizing the importance of grassroots development. The club works to establish strong connections with fans and supporters by organizing various events and initiatives aimed at empowering the next generation of female soccer players. Angel City’s community outreach programs include youth development, soccer clinics, and partnerships with local organizations, ensuring that their impact extends far beyond the professional level.


Angel City FC is not merely a soccer team; it serves as a symbol of women’s empowerment and a platform for change. The club advocates for gender equity in sports, calling for equal opportunities and recognition for female athletes. Their goal is to inspire change on a larger scale by championing not only the development of their team but also the transformation of women’s soccer worldwide.


As the club prepares to make its debut in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) playoffs with support of new head coach Becki Tweed,  anticipation is building among soccer fans and supporters. Angel City FC’s ambition on the field matches its off-field goals. The team aims to compete at the highest level and bring home championships, ensuring that their success serves as a powerful symbol of what can be achieved with dedication and equal support.


Angel City FC is more than just a soccer club. It’s a movement, a statement, and a catalyst for change in women’s sports. This team, with its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and gender equity, is poised to shape the future of women’s soccer not just in California, but on a global scale. Angel City FC is a name to remember, and it represents a brighter, more equitable future for women in sports.