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Lots to love about lavender lattes: Cage Drink of the Month review


The Cage has a new Drink of the Month — and it’s worth your Flex Dollars. On March 1, the lavender vanilla latte was introduced to the menu.

If you’ve never indulged in the combination of lavender and espresso, you’re in for a treat. You’re also just like me. I’ve been a fan of all things lavender for as long as I can remember, but more as a fragrance than a flavoring. Last semester, when The Cage added lavender syrup to their lineup, a friend recommended that I try it mixed with lemonade. I was hooked. The floral, bittersweet taste of lavender mingled harmoniously with the sour notes of the lemonade. I became a repeat buyer.

But lavender in my latte? I hesitated. When it comes to flavoring in coffee, historically, I haven’t been the biggest fan. While sweet syrups are undeniably delicious, I tend to crave the boldness and bitterness of a plain brew. 

Embracing Sunday morning’s unseasonable warmth, I opted to try the Drink of the Month iced and with 2% milk. It didn’t let me down. At first sip, the lavender flavoring was prominent, but the sharpness of the espresso immediately rose to meet it. Together they danced, supported and replenished by graceful vanilla undertones. It was the true coffee equivalent of a warm, minor chord; intriguing and invigorating. 

The Cage’s lavender vanilla latte made me realize something key about flavoring in coffee: it’s all about balance. When syrup clashes with espresso, it commands all of the attention and makes the taste buds feel uneasy. There’s no room for that in a to-go cup. But when the two work together, beautiful and productive things can happen. After all, isn’t that symbolic of why us humans seek out coffee in the first place?


Vera Sablak is from Concord, Mass.

Her majors are art history and Biology.

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