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Study abroad: Fiction style

Fantasy Study Abroad - Hannah Anderson (1)

Hannah Anderson/The Olaf Messenger 

The idea of studying abroad is a big one at St. Olaf College. There are many countries and courses to choose from that can pique anyone’s interest. I know that I definitely want to travel abroad sometime in my St. Olaf career, but as I think about traveling around the world, it also reminds me of when I was a kid and thought about exploring other worlds.


We all remember that one fantasy world that we wished we could travel to when we were little. With so many magical universes to choose from, like “Narnia,” “Middle Earth,” “Oz,” and “Wonderland,” picking where I wished to go most was always a challenge. But if I had the chance to travel to any fantasy world as an abroad class at St. Olaf I know exactly where I would go: “Ever After High.” 


Now, some people out there may not know what “Ever After High” is, so I will explain. “Ever After High” is a school for children of fairytale characters. Of course, if I went there, I would just be an everyday person with no ties to fairytales, but I would have so much fun. I absolutely love fairytales, especially the old Grimm Brothers ones. I know that if I met all my favorite fairytale characters and got to be friends with their kids, I would be so happy! Having tea with the Mad Hatter: yes, please! Learning how to fight with The Knight in Shining Armor: a dream come true! I would have the greatest month or semester of my life just learning all about fairytales and traveling to different realms like “Wonderland” and “Neverland” on the weekend; it would be like an abroad trip inside of an abroad trip.  


I could learn how to do magic, maybe go on a quest, and meet fairytale villains and heroes! Since I’m writing a book series all about fairytales, it will help with research. It’s a win for little me — who always wanted to go there — and older me — who needs to research for my book series but would much rather just talk to the characters than have to research about them on a computer. 


Now, I know that “Ever After High” is childish and not the coolest place to go, but I also know that little Juliet always wanted to go there — to the place so colorful, magical, and full of the fairytales that she fell in love with.     


Juliet Stouffer is from Ely, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.

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