Sunday, October 25, 2020
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White students must deconstruct Ole culture

St. Olaf is a predominantly white institution that has the power to either challenge or reproduce inequality. The governance of an institution like this...

St. Olaf, mask up

Masks have become a part of everyday style here on campus. The one you pick out each morning might match your mood or your...

Don’t you wish the speed limit was 75?

She tied a bright red scarf in her hair and decided it was finally time to go. The paper she held was crumpled from...

Northfield coffee spots

As a senior at St. Olaf, I have now had three full years to eat and drink my way across the small town of...

Former professor Michelle Gibbs implicates “Ole culture” in letter following resignation,...

“I am leaving St. Olaf College because as a Black woman I don’t have the full support of my white colleagues at the college,”...
An ad for Minnesota House of Representatives candidate Todd Lippert