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If you call tails

But flip heads,

Where do you end up?

I thought tails never fails.

Without a push from fate

Or statistics

Your piece could take a bad bounce

Off each peg on the Plinko board

And plummet to the

Leftmost place

While you plead for a prize

Worth playing for.

And when you scratch off

the metallic shavings,

Who knows if “Try Again,”

Is a command or

Just arrogance.

We scratch to even the scorecard,

To string out already strung out hopes.

We try to savor luck as our savior

But sadly the odds are stacked,

So we squander all sanity by

Thinking the same result will switch.

You can court lady luck

Dress up nice and buy her flowers,

But there’s a reason the banker

Always wins in monopoly.

So flip again,

But in the end,

You make your own luck is just

An empty promise,

If you don’t own

A two-headed coin.