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Full house for Nick Love’s performance


Nick Love ’19, a music education major,  gave a wonderful, high energy performance at the Contented Cow in downtown Northfield on Friday, Sept. 21. Love, a member of the Ring-A-Ding Bros, performed covers ranging from “All by Myself” to “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Love said his covers are “all okay and largely inoffensive.” However, attendees of the performance agree it was much more than okay.

“[It was a] beautiful St. Olaf experience,” Cordelia Ahner ’21 said. “Watching how he brought everyone together and had everyone singing along.”

The Cow was packed with Oles for the performance.

Patric Carlsen ’21 said it was “more fun than the last wedding I went to.”

The show had several guest performers, including the opening act, Neil Hutcheon ’21, a solo trombonist. Hutcheon, sporting Thrasher sunglasses and his Bon-Appétit hat, performed his own music and accompanied Love in a few songs throughout the evening.

Hutcheon says he had “divine inspiration” for the performance. Hutcheon was also accompanied by Jonathan Madden ’20 on the piano for one song.

Hutcheon said he would love to preform with Madden again, and even hinted at the possibility of a performance at the Pause.

Paulo Gladney ’19 – accompanied by Love on the keyboard – performed an impromptu spoken word piece about music, asking and answering the question: what is music?

The other half of the Ring-a-Ding Bros, Noah Forslund ’19, joined Love on stage for a couple songs throughout the night.

Love’s sister, Anna, joined him on stage for a cover of “Money, Money, Money” by Abba.

If you missed this performance, don’t  fear – according to Love there will be more from him and the Ring-A-Ding Bros soon. Love said to expect an album sometime this spring.

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