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Finally, the snow is melting and spring is upon us. The end is near; seniors are counting down the days until graduation and other students have planned their classes for the fall. We are finalizing summer plans and beginning to say goodbye to friends for the summer before we scatter across the United States and world.

But as the year winds down, so does the opportunity to express one’s romantic feelings for that one person they’ve been wanting to go on a Caf date with for three years. What if that person is a senior and you have no clue where they are headed after graduation? What if they aren’t a senior, but will be doing some internship in the middle of nowhere and they don’t know you exist and you want to introduce yourself before they head off to do said cool internship?

Here’s my advice, no matter the situation: go for it. I’m a big fan of the idea of “you never know.” If they are graduating, maybe they plan on staying in the Twin Cities and you know, that’s not too far from St. Olaf. If they’re going far away, you don’t know until you ask and find out.

Could it end in rejection? Well, sure. Of course. But that’s always a risk in relationships. If you don’t go for it, you’ll probably regret it and end up stalking their Facebook and Instagram post-end of the year.

Relationships are about taking chances and going out on a limb. Without a little risk, relationships are basically impossible. Someone has to take that first step and, as much as you would rather wait and wish for them to make the first move, they are probably thinking the same thing.

I would also like to say protect your heart. If this person is going to be heading across the country in a month, be prepared for them to say they don’t want a serious long-distance relationship or that they just want a casual situation until graduation. But if you’re okay with any outcome, why avoid your chance for love?

Sure, it’s easier to start a fling or romance earlier in the year. You have more time to let it bloom if you meet in the fall or winter. But, as the famous quote reads: “There is no right time to fall in love, it just happens.” That’s exactly it, even if there are obstacles and difficulties, if there is a spark, let it happen. You’ll regret not taking that chance in a month, and then suddenly you’re waiting until September and you’ve possibly wasted three precious months. So, take that chance. Go ask your St. Olaf crush on a date. We all have access to each other’s emails, after all, if absolutely necessary as a mode of communication.

Having trouble navigating the St. Olaf dating scene? Need help finding a date? Got more dates than you can handle? Or have a response to this week’s column? E-mail your questions to and maybe one of our love columnists will answer them in next week’s issue. All submitted questions will remain anonymous.

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