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Open house highlights interim abroad programs

St. Olaf has made a continuous effort to encourage study abroad, whether it be for a semester, year, summer or interim. In the 2017-18 academic year, 851 St. Olaf students studied abroad, with semester participants making up 23 percent and Interim and Summer participants making up 77 percent. To further promote study abroad, the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies (IOS) recently held an open house for Interim 2020 programs, which included the unveiling of several study abroad contest winners.

This event was held on Tuesday, April 9 at 4:30 p.m. in the Buntrock Ballrooms. One ballroom contained the Interim 2020 opportunities while the ballroom next door held the Gimse International and Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest and Travel Writing Contest finalists.

The ballroom promoting Interim 2020 programs was packed with interested students. Tables with professors leading the program and past participants were set up around the room. Some tables were decked out with memorabilia and videos playing from the past programs, while others had a single flyer of information.

Many students were excited to see that the IOS will offer several new programs next Interim and that there are a variety of options for any interest. For example, students interested in gender and sexuality have the opportunity to apply for a program in Copenhagen, Denmark, studying Intercultural Communication in Context: Gender and Sexuality in Denmark.

Additionally, students interested in politics are able to apply for the New Hampshire Primary and U.S. Presidential Politics program, which will provide participants with an overview of the presidential nominating process through the lens of the New Hampshire primary. Of course, past favorites, such as the Number Theory program in Budapest, Multicultural Education in Hawaii and Theater in London were also represented at the fair.

In the ballroom next door, applicants from the Gimse International and Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest and Travel Writing Contest anxiously waited to hear who won each contest. Finalists’ submissions from each contest were set up around the room, allowing students to read and view the work of their peers.  Each photo from the Gimse International Photo Contest contained descriptions of their work, giving more information about the location and culture surrounding the photo. These contests also helped students considering studying abroad learn more about several programs through the photo and writing submissions.

See the IOS website for more information on individual programs and applications, which are due on April 29.

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