Ointment Appointment and Blue Chameleon Quartet pair up for new album “Pink Ribbon Sun”

A diverse array of instruments crowded the stage at Ointment Appointment’s release party and performance of their newest album, “Pink Ribbon Sun.” The event, hosted by the Music Entertainment Committee (MEC), filled the Center for Art and Dance (CAD) sculpture patio on October 4.

The patio was crowded with students, but the concert felt relaxed and intimate. A fire made the outdoor venue bearable, as it was cold the night of the concert. Warm pink and purple lighting reminiscent of the “Pink Ribbon Sun” album’s rosy hue lit the band, contributing to the cozy atmosphere. Some people sat and let the music sink in, while others stood and danced.

Ointment Appointment is a favorite among Oles on campus, always drawing a crowd to their performances. The band includes Colin Kolsnay ’21, Branden Ma ’21, Maxwell Voda ’21, Devin Cuneen ’21, Kevin Yetter ’19 and Weber Anderson. Laid-back beats, smooth vocals and jazzy interludes characterize the six-piece indie rock band on its own. However, in this album, St. Olaf’s own Blue Chameleon Quartet’s strings added depth to the band’s relaxed pop sound.

Blue Chameleon Quartet is a campus string quartet that strives to combine classical and folk genres to create their unique sound. The group includes Olivia Munson ’20, Hawken Paul ’20, Emerson Clay ’20 and Mason Tacke ’20. They released their debut album “Blue Orb: A Journey Through the Water Cycle” in July 2019.

In “Pink Ribbon Sun,” Blue Chameleon’s strings add an eerie, melancholy sound that morphs the Ointment Appointment’s vibe into something darker. Crisp details, dramatic instrumental interludes and rich vocals make the album fascinating to listen to. The collaborative album is also jazzier, slower and more soulful than Ointment Appointment’s previous album, “Sconce,” which was released in 2018. The string instruments add depth and complexity that make Ointment Appointment’s characteristic sound even better. One song, “Jungle Bird,” features Amanda Stagg ’21.

Although all of the complex layers of “Pink Ribbon Sun’s” songs come through clearly on recordings, less than stellar sound equipment at the concert meant that the singers’ voices were slightly muffled. However, the dozen musicians on the stage all collaborated well, and the overall sound was good.

Ointment Appointment and Blue Chameleon’s pairing was a beneficial idea for both groups. You can check out their music on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.