Local Activism: Northfield against Line 3

Community members formed Northfield Against Line 3 (NAL3) to protest the construction of a tar sands pipeline running from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. NAL3 formed in the summer of 2018 in response to Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision to move forward with Enbridge’s Line 3 expansion project. With environmental impacts and opposition from Indigenous communities in mind, NAL3 wants to prevent construction by protesting, coordinating with Indigenous groups, and educating people on how to take nonviolent action. NAL3 is also working with environmental nonprofits and tribal governments that are at the forefront of leading legal battles against the construction of this pipeline.

NAL3’s goal is to protest and delay construction to make the construction of the pipeline no longer profitable. This particular line is extremely influential in the tar sands industry, with several tar sands mines being cancelled after watching Line 3 delays. Losing Enbridge’s Line 3 would be a victory for environmental preservation and therefore a large blow to the entire tar sands industry.

If you would like to become involved, NAL3 has an upcoming event on Oct. 17 for nonviolent direct action training in Central Park from 1-5pm.

St. Olaf’s own Climate Justice Committee (CJC) is partnering with Northfield residents in taking action against the construction of the pipeline. The CJC’s goal, along with protesting the pipeline, is to create awareness of the environmental challenges that the community faces regarding clean water, climate change, sexual violence against Indigenous women and Idigenous sovereignty. With the Enbridge project only one state permit away from construction, the CJC aims to travel north to physically stop it. The CJC also focuses on educating and involving the student body to advocate for non-violent action toward divesting St. Olaf’s endowment from fossil fuels.

St. Olaf students can get involved by joining the CJC or signing up for their email alias. They can also follow the CJC Instagram and attend Fridays for Future events that the club holds outside of Buntrock Commons during Chapel Time.