“Outer Banks,” only the best TV show of all time

This is Grace here, imploring you to watch the new Netflix Original Series, “Outer Banks.” The one season series follows five teenagers and their journey to find lost treasure. Located in the North Carolina outer banks, the show dives into the rift between “Pogues” and “Kooks,” the poor locals vs. rich seasonal families concentrated in the area. Said to be reminiscent of “The Goonies,” “Outer Banks” is full of suspense and mystery. It is also full of romance and many shirtless teens. Exactly what we need in a time like this.

John B, the main character of the storyline, for some reason feels the need to go by both his first name and his middle initial. But trust me, you will start to adore John B very quickly. Between his adventurous spirit and loyal commitment to finish the work his father started, he is endearing from the get go. When the show begins, his father has been missing for nine months. The police believe him to be dead, but John B refuses this reality and continues to hold out hope for his father’s return.

Threatened by the Department of Child Services, the reckless 16-year-old gathers his crew of Pogue friends in his empty house (dubbed “the chateau”) to finish his father’s quest: a hunt for lost treasure. The series follows them as they put themselves into very stupid, and always dangerous, situations in order to find the $400 million in gold that sunk to the depths of the sea on the ship, The Royal Merchant.

Of course the group comes into contact with the richies or Kooks of the island often, and there is no shortage of dramatic fighting and conflict between the two groups that hate each other purely on the basis of economic status and a deep tradition of loathing.  Also to be expected, — spoiler warning — John B may or may not fall madly in love with the queen of the Kooks and receive a lot of sh-t from his friends for it. I have to hand it to his girl, Sarah Cameron, though, cause when I saw him driving his VW van around the outer banks, I fell in love too.

Your quarantine will be much improved if you watch this show, just trust me. Before you know it JJ, Kiara, Pope and John B will be the best friends you never knew you needed. You will be wrapped up in the fate of the gold, invested in the heartfelt friendships, whirlwind love and deep feud that divides these North Carolina teens. It might even feel like you’re on a little beach vacation when you inevitably binge these ten episodes in one day. Put on your swimsuit, grab a boating manual and a beer and sit down on your couch. You won’t regret this vacation. Watch “Outer Banks.”

Grace Peacore ‘21 is from Pasadena, CA. Her major is sociology/anthropology.

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