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First Year Entrepreneurs: Lauren Jacobson ’24 crafts handmade, one-of-a-kind rings


Courtesy of Lauren Jacobson ’24

Despite the challenges of a pandemic, many first-year students are using their creative talents to earn extra cash. Lauren Jacobson ’24 founded L.E. Rings, a jewelry business mainly focused on creating unique rings made of glass beads and gold wire. “It is certainly a lot of work for one person,” Jacobson said. “I stay busy, that’s for sure.”

This past winter break, Jacobson found an old box of beads and other jewelry supplies from her childhood. She attempted to make rings by using a TikTok tutorial and explored different techniques until she found her own style.

“It was a mini project I took a lot of comfort doing,” Jacobson said. “The more work I put into it, the more I felt inspired to develop and run my own small ring business.” Her boyfriend helped her with the website, and she launched her business in mid-February.

The aesthetic of L.E. Rings and its jewelry are greatly inspired by the “cottagecore” aesthetic: Jacobson’s website includes images of gold, glass, plants and flowers. “It definitely reflects myself as an art student with fashion and aesthetic,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson’s typical work day consists of buying beads in bulk, stringing them on a length of wire and twisting them strategically to make rings. They are sized by typical ring measurements but she measures them to an estimated average circumference. “If my customer needs any size adjustments, it’s a super easy fix on my end,” Jacobson said. Finally, she photographs her results and uploads them to her website and social media. “I cross my fingers in hopes that someone will find them as lovely as I do!”

“As well as the amazing support from my friends and fellow Oles, my own love for this business drives my inspiration for L.E. Rings’ growth,” Jacobson said. “It’s a project I feel very proud about!” She hopes to expand her audience while enjoying the time and effort she puts into her work.

Right now, Jacobson’s current goals include updating her website and social media platforms, crafting even more rings and other steps necessary for continuing L.E. Rings’ success. She is in the process of expanding her business  by creating other jewelry. “I am also happy to announce that I will be expanding my collection by also selling bracelets and possibly earrings as well!” Jacobson added. “So, do keep an eye out for those postings!”

Jacobson is also open to designing customs rings.

For purchases or other inquiries, Jacobson can be reached at:


Instagram: l.e.rings

Snapchat: lauren.jacobso