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Senior dance recital “[Catharsis]” centers around themes of modern conflict facing society

The upcoming senior dance recital, entitled “[Catharsis],” will showcase the hard work of the senior dance majors: Julie Stagg ‘22, Liv Swenson ‘22, Sophia Anderson ‘22, Natasia Preys ‘22, and Anna Pundt ‘22. Swenson will be doing a captivating solo performance that was choreographed by Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Co. Laboratory Zoé Henrot. This piece focuses on anxiety and the difficulty of trying to choose between two paths post graduation. According to the “[Catharsis]” webpage, Anderson’s piece is a jarring group performance that speaks to “mental and physical health in today’s society.” She uses props, paint, and breathing to approach these topics. Preys’ emotionally choreographed performance focuses on the theme of climate change. It follows her own journey learning about climate change and how she is looking for a balance between “hope and despair” as her bio on the “[Catharsis]” webpage states. The audience should also look forward to Stagg’s presentation. She will be doing an academic lecture on politics and dance. Stag will specifically look at women’s role in dance and choreography — and their lack of representation in it. Pundt, who is also a Kinesiology major, will be giving an eye-opening presentation on the lack of research between dance and science. She will be examining how the two fields do not communicate and will also be speaking on the work of  Irene Dowd, choreographer and dance professor at the Juilliard School.

These showcases of talent and research have been a long time coming. Stagg, who is a Dance and Political Science double major, explained that the senior dance majors started their work last spring on their respective projects. The planning stages involved getting together in a committee in order to discuss ideas and work out what they were going to do. She mentioned that despite the heavy workload, “it’s a really nice experience and kind of rounds out the whole dance major.” Stagg also explained that their performance included a class, which she enjoyed because they were able to hear the progress and see all the hard work of their fellow classmates. 

The choreography and performance will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 9, 10, and 11 in Kelsey Theater. The presentations will be held on Dec. 10 in Center of Art and Design 305 at 8:30 p.m. and will be followed by a reception. Come and support your fellow Oles and all their hard work.

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