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Caf mixology


Caf meals are exercises in creativity. Being a student at St. Olaf inevitably involves making the most of the caf, and from the perspective of the jaded senior, it can be easy to slip into repetitive, dull eating habits. Stav offers a plethora of options for spicing up the flavor combinations in your meals. I would argue that the best place to start is with your beverage of choice. Make cool choices! Combine ingredients, and don’t be afraid to fail. The best caf drink combinations come from weeks of experimentation. Here are a few of my own personal favorites to get you started. Happy mixing!

“Grapefuit” soda — I’ve found that mixing orange juice with cranberry juice in a 1:1 ratio creates a flavor not unlike ruby red grapefruit. Fill half your cup with this juice mix, and fill the other half with sparkling water or lemon-lime soda, to your preference. Delicious fruit punch, tangy and unique. Good with any meal.

Tropical mix — In the same, citrus fruit vein as the last mix, but without carbonation. Two parts lemonade, one part orange juice, one part mango-tropical flavored juice. Tastes summery, goes down smooth.

Cranberry Dr. Pepper — It’s exactly what it sounds like. Three parts Dr. Pepper to one part cranberry juice. It’s a nice expansion on Dr. Pepper’s flavor profile. Root Beer isn’t quite fruity enough, and Cherry Pepsi is way too sweet. Dr. Pepper provides the perfect base for a cranberry twist.

Root Beer lemonade — Another soda-juice combo. It shouldn’t work as well as it does. 3:1 root beer to lemonade. Delicious, and I can’t explain why.

Justin Vorndran is from Osceola, Wisc.

His major is English.