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City of Northfield plans major downtown redevelopments

Construction - Megan Lu 2

Construction renovations begin in downtown Northfield Megan Lu/The Olaf Messenger

The city of Northfield is planning a major redevelopment to the river and historic downtown, which has been advertised through community open houses. Future plans have been made public via the city’s website.

New buildings in the plans include a boutique hotel on the riverfront, apartment units, and other buildings that will extend the downtown pattern southward, and improved locations for businesses such as Carbone’s Pizza and Northfield’s downtown post office. According to the city of Northfield’s website, the new hotel will be equipped with environmentally friendly resources such as electric vehicle charging stations, commuter bike parking, and an array of solar panels.

Together, the future hotel and apartments will support the strong demands for hospitality and housing in downtown Northfield. Additionally, the locations of these places will help to potentially increase the city’s overall real estate value, as they will surround the public realms of the river and nearby parks. They will be able to promote the development of Northfield, both economically and as a growing community.

Another major focus of the renovations is improved accessibility. More walking and bike trails are going to be implemented along the river and elsewhere, and some pre-existing ones will be improved. One of the city’s goals for the riverfront is that it will become a place for everyone of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Car parking will also improve as a result of the renovations, with data from Northfield’s website showing nearly 300 new downtown parking spots in the works.

Despite the many changes on the way, the city plans to preserve its most defining features. Many of the historic buildings downtown will remain as they currently are, and new ones will supplement them rather than replace them. The Cannon River will continue to be a highlight of Northfield, and the natural beauty of the river and its surrounding landscape will be better enjoyed by the community after riverside walkways and parks are refurbished.

According to the city’s website, the final pricing of the redevelopment is to be determined next month, and construction will start in spring 2024. New residential and mixed use buildings are projected to open in early 2025. More information and updates can be found on

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