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Watch out for false friends and enemies this week. Your impressions of your relationships at this time may not be correct. Take a deeper look at the situation before proceeding.


Stay mindful of how your hard head leads you. Cautiously approach disagreements instead of rushing in head first. Compromise, not being right, is the key to maintaining relationships.


Enjoy the week ahead and let it flow naturally. Attempting to schedule your entire life will only bring more stress. You can’t plan every moment, so just enjoy the ride.


Keep your head up! Don’t let the stresses of the semester weigh down your beautiful spirit. Release the burdens of the week by taking time for yourself.


As the sign of the sun, you have a natural radiance. Don’t dim your light for someone who doesn’t return that energy.


Let yourself break from routine and try something new — no strings attached! Free yourself from obligations by finding a relaxing activity to add something new to your life, even if you only do it once.


Focus on taking time away from draining relationships. As you grow, it is okay to distance yourself from relationships that no longer fit your needs or desires.


In the week ahead, look at how you develop a sense of self outside of others’ perceptions. Image makes only one part of the whole.


If it feels right, let it lie. You don’t have to run from something if you’re unsure about it. Instead, just go with the flow of what feels comfortable.


Stop waiting for the perfect moment, there never will be one. Go for it!


Think deeply this week about what you want in the upcoming months. Start preparing for the future or it will be here sooner than you think leaving you in the dust.


Enjoy Pisces Season without letting it derail you from your life. You still have a paper due next week, so don’t get too caught up in the birthday buzz.