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Stav Hall horoscopes

Aries: Avoid Stav apples this week, they’re less sweet than you like now that the season is over.

Taurus: Try one of the new weird meat options at Bold and Spicy. Or get the beans they always have.

Gemini: Experiment with picking one line and eating from it all week.

Cancer: Drink a cup of milk, any milk you like, and see how your friends react.

Leo: Eat a bowl of hot soup and think about the weather.

Virgo: Try not looking at the menu before getting into Stav. Let the vibes guide you.

Libra: Improve your go-to meal by panini pressing it, whatever it is.

Scorpio: Eat cake on Saturday and cookies every other day of the week.

Sagittarius: Eat a meal alone in Stav. Notice how you feel during and after.

Capricorn: Go to the line you eat from the least twice this week. Was it good?

Aquarius: Sit in a new part of Stav and try to make eye contact with people you don’t recognize.

Pisces: Walk down the center aisle this week.

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