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Teague’s Top Ten tips for room draw


Room draw is just around the corner! (Or so I’ve heard? I’m about to get put down I don’t have time to think about room draw.) I’ve never chosen a dorm because I’ve been a member of the Norwegian house since my sophomore year, but my friends have been through room draw, so here’s some advice based on my observations.


  1. Play a tuba. You want to make sure your new living space has good acoustics. Bring along a tuba and blast it! 3 a.m. is the best time to do this because the dorm should be mostly silent at that time.


  1.     Cook lutefisk. Test out your new kitchen to make sure it will be able to handle the most challenging meals you can think of.


  1. Shower in every dorm. There’s nothing stopping you from donning a bathrobe and walking across the quad to another dorm to try out a shower there!


  1. Test the smoke alarms. You want to make sure the smoke alarms work (or don’t) in your next residence hall. Light something ablaze and see what the response is.


  1.   Put on three thick sweaters, then strip to your underwear. Make sure your next residence hall will be comfortable no matter what your temperature.


  1. Knock on some doors. Don’t be afraid to ask people to see their rooms! Be respectful about it and be prepared for them to say no.


  1. Pick a dorm you haven’t banged in. Obviously we’re all trying to get a perfect score and have sex in every St. Olaf building. If you choose to room in a building you haven’t done the dirty in yet, your odds of checking that building off the list go up!


  1. Avoid depending on elevators. A bird strike at Big Ole could happen any moment. If our campus is without power you do not want to live on the twelfth floor of Larson.


  1. Learn Norwegian. If you learn Norwegian you can apply to live in the language honor house, which is just a fun time. 


  1. Don’t live in a cursed dorm. Make sure you avoid those at all costs!

Teague Peterson-McGuire is from Oconomowoc, Wic. His majors are film and media studies and Nordic studies.