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The best ways to enjoy this coming spring


Growing up in Minnesota has taught me that spring takes a while to approach after winter. The snow grows slushy and gray with hints of brown from the dirt. When you step in the grass you’ll find the bottom of your shoe coated in mud — yuck. On a nice sunny day, there will be little clumps of snow that will make you question if spring has really arrived. However, I know spring is here when I see the bright pink and yellow tulips blooming in my yard back home. 

On the first warm, sunny day of spring, I am eager to spend the day with friends and nature. The second I step outside, the sun hits my face and the sounds of birds chirping fill the air. The clouds look whiter than ever against the clear baby-blue sky. A flock of geese passes by searching for a nice pond to rest near. Surely, on this beautiful day, I want to spend time walking around the Minnesota Zoo. 

I highly recommend making a trip up to the Minnesota Zoo in the spring. The best outside areas are the Northern Trail and the family farm. You will see the buffalo huddled together munching on the grass, camels nibbling on food, the tiger cubs tackling each other, and my family’s favorite — the prairie dogs running around being menaces. There are many more animals to see outside including the farm! Along the paths outside, you will come across a merry-go-round and a food stand. These are some great activities if you want a break from walking around, I especially recommend trying their swirl ice cream. A trip to the zoo is a great way to spend time outside with your friends and family during the beginning of spring. 

Although spring is filled with sunshine and blooming flowers, there are dark rainy days that will trap you inside. If you find yourself bored out of your mind, then I would suggest laying down and reading a boo k— it doesn’t need to be a book required for a class but one you bought for fun that’s just been laying on the shelf for a while. Usually, on the days when the rain comes crashing down onto the windows and the thunder rattles the house, I enjoy reading a good mystery or thriller book to set the ominous mood. Maybe if you and your friends plan to hang out on a day that happens to be rainy, binge-watching a new show or playing board games will make the gloomy day fly by. 

These are just a few activities I suggest for you as spring begins to approach. I would also recommend going on a hike in the national parks in either the Twin Cities or nearby towns while you are here. Springtime is the perfect time to explore Minnesota with your college friends and watch nature replenish after a long winter.

Annie Stefanko is from Rosemount, Minn.

Her major is undeclared.

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