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The perfect Northfield date


Looking for some advice on how to have a spectacular date night? Whether you’re planning a first date or are a well-seasoned couple looking for something to occupy your weekend, it starts in the beautiful town of Northfield. First stop, Content bookstore. Wander the aisles and discuss your favorite novels and authors. If you’re not a big fan of books, you can still appreciate the scenery or vast collection of games in the kid section, although, let’s be honest, if you don’t like books the date is over well before it starts. 


If you want to explore each other’s personalities, stop by Antiques of Northfield and browse their extensive collection of vintage items. Play around with aesthetics and make sure you learn something about your date’s style preferences before you leave! Next stop, Fireside Orchard and Gardens. Bundle up, drink some hot cocoa, and pick some apples before it gets too cold out. Being outside for a first date is a great start to a long-lasting relationship. 


For anyone on the lookout for a more platonic date night, Target is your best friend.  Just try not to spend too much money. Of course, a stop at Culver’s for a Concrete Mixer on the way back to campus is a must. 


If you’re a homebody, head over to the Flaten Art Museum and engage with St. Olaf’s art scene. You could connect with your partner by talking about the incredible artwork created by Professor John Saurer in his exhibit “Let it Loose,” which is open until Nov. 21. 


If visual art isn’t your cup of tea, you could stop by a Wintry Elementary concert at the Contented Cow on Oct. 21 for a great evening date in a low-stress environment. After a show at the Contented Cow, walk along the river or hang out in the gazebo for a secluded, romantic atmosphere. Bonus points if you forget a jacket and have to share warmth by sitting close together.  


Even a simple stroll through the shops of downtown Northfield could prove fruitful, as long as you enjoy the person’s company. There is so much to explore, and Northfield is yours for the taking! 

Paige Ewert is from Minneapolis, Minn. Her majors are art history and history.

Kaya Stark is from Wrenshall, Minn. Her major is English.