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Letter to the Editor: What happened to celebration?


What happened to the Hundred Days March? I don’t recall having seen one since 2019, other than the football team taking a little victory parade.


I am a St. Olaf Ave. homeowner, long-time Northfield resident, and lover of tradition and celebration. I like hearing the students out having fun and being young. It’s a hopeful sound that — in the past — generally consisted of running groups, singing, random conversations about elegant equations, navigating young love, talking to a parent on the phone, and laughter. I was perfectly aware of what I could be getting myself into buying a home three blocks from a college, and I’m afraid you have not been holding up your end of the bargain.


You are a part of this community, and although I appreciate how considerate you all are, I hope to hear you at 1:00 a.m. every Saturday this spring. If anyone complains it’s just because they are old, jealous, and spend too much time on Facebook and Nextdoor comment sections. I realize the world sucks right now; no one wants to celebrate much of anything, but get out there! Traditions are important. Being part of your surroundings is important. Celebrating hard work and milestones in life is important.


Katherine Willis

Northfield, Minn.