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Senior spirals


This week in my senior spring I decided I am not doing enough. Unsure if this lackluster feeling stems from totaling my past four years on an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper in résumé form or the hegemonic standard of equating my worth to my accomplishments, I move on and choose to recognize the only solution there can be to dealing with this concern: launching a startup.


So today, building on my big break in last week’s paper, I will pitch my startup concept in the hopes that a million-dollar investor will read it and be ready to contribute. Are you ready? Here it is: Bring Back Blockbuster™.


My idea was triggered after I wondered why Barnes and Noble doesn’t rent books. What a great idea! Surely they should do this, I pondered. Then, I realized what I dreamt was called a library, and I was a future social worker advocating for the destruction of the last public space. So I, ever flexible in my initiatives, pivoted. Returning to the rentals concept, I pictured the original loaning frontier, Blockbuster.


Although they have all but disappeared from our neighborhood strip malls, I think it’s about time we bring them back. With the number of streaming platforms exponentially growing, we are essentially reverting to the old ways of purchasing TV channel packs. While the price of entertainment increases, my will for selecting a show to watch decreases drastically. This negative correlation results in an endless scroll through the “Top Picks for Carter” selection as I finish off the bag of Nerds Gummy-Clusters in my lap. 


But there is a solution to this epidemic: a dimly lit store where you can’t get overwhelmed with the choices in front of you because there simply aren’t enough shows in stock that you want to watch. Just as record shops have reemerged in popularity, so too can Blockbusters. With its retro DVDs and a curated selection of entertainment, I promise Blockbuster will be the next booming industry. 


That’s my pitch! For business inquiries, please reach out via email. 

Carter Puckett
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