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Aries – Mercury moves backward in the house of your sun as the sun comes out for spring. Take this as a sign that you, too, should come out to shine. Go out this week and let yourself have fun. 


Taurus – Taurus, your steadfast nature remains in the retrograde season. Let yourself be swayed. Listen to recommendations you want to dismiss. You might be surprised by what you find. 


Gemini – Your sun’s go-with-the-flow disposition makes you a jack of all trades and master of none. Let retrograde slow you down. Pick one hobby or skill to focus on this week.


Cancer – Mercury retrograde has put pressure on your interpersonal relationships. Listen closely to what your loved ones say. Listen more than you speak. Note what reveals itself.


Leo – Think beyond the technological setbacks of this retrograde and embrace chaos. Technical malfunction leaves the possibility for new inventions. See what you can do with what you have. 


Virgo –  Step back from your responsibilities to disconnect for a while, Virgo. Meditate on what you want and what is keeping you from accomplishing these goals. Set your mind to it. 


Libra – Libra, watch how much you speak as you reconsider what healthy communication might look like. Free yourself from the obligation to fill the airspace. Sort through what you say. 


Scorpio – Slow down before jumping to conclusions. Write down your thoughts before starting difficult conversations. Go for a walk, and reread those thoughts. Only then should you proceed. 


Sagittarius – Sift through your belongings and get rid of what no longer excites you. Start fresh and transform your space. Your space shapes your mindset, Sagittarius; cultivate it wisely.


Capricorn – Rethink lingering frustrations. Anger, like any emotion, is part of life. But your life requires a full span of emotions, so let anger be only part of your view of the past, Capricorn. 


Aquarius – Give yourself the permission to try something you fear. What is holding you back from being a new version of yourself? What parts of your life have you let fear control? 


Pisces – Carefully consider the relationships with the people around you. Balance the time you spend with people who challenge you to change and those who encourage you to stay static. 

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