Heart Beat

In my high school AP Literature class, we took a personality test that we called the “color test.” The main colors were green (logical nerds), blue (emos), gold (moms) and orange (party people). After the class got our results, the teacher read us poetry about romantic couples where the two people had conflicting colors: a green and blue couple, a gold and orange couple and so on.

Later that year, I scandalously started dating a girl in the grade below me. Our flirty back-and-forths during our second semester journalism class surprised everyone, mostly because I was the loud English geek while she was the busy doctor-wannabe. We had nothing in common when we started talking, and we still struggle to find similarities between us, yet our differences are precisely what brings us closer together.

I am a crybaby blue who cries when I hurt a friend, and I spend most of my time working on relationships. My purpose in life is to understand my emotions and express them to literally anyone who will listen. My girlfriend is a detached green who cares mostly about academics and family. She hates being told what to do and prefers managing her own time. However, now that we have learned to trust each other, I cling to her for stability, and she confides in me her emotions and struggles.

Especially in college, when a long distance relationship depends on trust and communication, dating someone who is your opposite can actually prove to be the best match ever.

I am not the most organized or studious person, but my girlfriend is, and she will lay down the law and force me to study for an hour while she is finishing an essay for class. On the flip side, I will make her take an hour long break after hours of studying, and we will FaceTime to catch up and talk about life.

We do not have the same taste in fashion, food or music, so we are always broadening our artistic palettes, even if her taste in food sucks. Our differences are best experienced by others, too. Imagine a blue fashion-oriented e-girl standing next to a green leggings-and-cardigans girl. And do not even get me started on the fact that she still listens to the band and singer Panic! At The Disco.

Most importantly, when we fight about the future or how we are gonna keep this long-distance relationship going, we always have opposite points of view to draw from. If she is feeling like seeing each other every two weeks is too distant, I remind her that the challenges make us stronger and more secure in each other. Then, she tells me that she does not care and wants to see me sooner. Ah, what a green!

I am not saying that couples who are basically twins are bad. In fact, common ground and similarity can be assets when deciding where to go for dinner, but with my green girlfriend, I do not have to sweat the big ideas, like the future. We just argue a bit until we compromise and figure out the best solution. After all, if you date someone with the same goals and plans, there is no room for growth and trying new things.

My blue and her green match perfectly together, and I would not want us any other way. Although our relationship may be confusing and unlikely, we work together to keep a strong, healthy relationship even when I am 45 minutes away.

Here’s the link to the color test https://profile.keirsey.com/#/b2c/assessment/start
Note: blue and green have switched now since I took the test.


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