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The Morals They Gave Me

I can pass an examination.

I come laced up tight in my corset,

Glitter floating off my body.

I make my kissy faces

And get on my knees.

I want You, examination!

And I let You take me

Because I want Your love.

You pass through me

As I fill in my last circle

And click the Finish button.

I stand up, cover myself, and leave.


When I come home,

I cannot stop filling in circles.

“What is the definition of MEOW?”

My cat’s big circles say to me.

My lover says to me,

“The best practice of LOVE is…”

And I fill in the circle that best applies,

Though the thought of my

Final Score

Keeps me circling around her.

I circle around,

Hunting hunting hunting hunting

Until I find that

I am Your prey again.


I have another examination today.

I don’t eat

So that I don’t throw up on You.

After I Finish the examination,

I see that I have passed.

I stand up, cover myself,

I hand back my papers and pencil,

And I go home

To practice my hunt again

For tomorrow.