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In Devotion to the Forest

Tree Column roots graphic Justin Vorndran
  1. Forest Eyes


Her iris smells of morning rain,

Of decomposing leaves in soil.

Her gaze grows mushrooms in my brain,

And grapevines cross my flesh like coil.


We sit beside a waterfall.

My roots plant firmly in the rock

So that I cannot move at all.

I only listen to Her talk.


Her voice sounds sweet like chirping birds

A song to mesmerize my heart,

I cherish every given word

And feel the sounds tear me apart.


Within Her eyes, a forest thrives.

Admiring them, I feel alive.


  1. Forest Woman


As the night approaches,

And the wind grows cold.

As the sound of the stream

Carves through the trees,

And the animals come for me.


I caress Your hair like moss.

I hold You close to me

And smell the wildflowers

That grow from within You.


I kiss the bark of the trees,

I lay on the smooth stones,

I open myself up to the forest,

And I want You to consume me.


Yet, You never do,

But I don’t mind.

I release my heart into Your winds,

And I cherish the whisper in return.


  1. Forest Fire


I would do anything to kiss you just once.


To feel the fire singe my lips

       And spread across my cheeks as you hold them.

To feel your perfume like smoke tickle my nose.

To feel the flames of your hair tangle with mine

       And intertwine like branches in a forest fire.

To feel my body grow hot as you step close

       And as your weight presses against me

       Our skin melts into molten passion.

To feel innocent in the chaos.

To feel the fire cleanse us of worry and doubt.

To feel like everything will burn down around us.


And even if we never kiss again,

At least my heart will have been consumed by our fire.


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