Don’t you wish the speed limit was 75?

She tied a bright red scarf in her hair and decided it was finally time to go. The paper she held was crumpled from being folded and unfolded a thousand times over by damp hands. 

Brrring, brrring, brrring. Her phone went crashing to the pavement as it rang. 

“Hello?” she answered as she fumbled with her keys.

“You need to get here now,” the other voice said, “it’s important.” 

She trembled as she picked up speed, staying silently on the phone just for the comfort of breath on the other end. She stuffed the paper into her backpack and flung the whole thing into the backseat as she got into the car.

She shifted into first. 


Two hours later the car had barely come to a stop as she jumped out and ran towards the door, immediately enveloped in a hug. Her sister smiled as she pulled away.

“Don’t worry, it’s good news.”