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Humans of St. Olaf


“I just want to slow time ‘cause two hours passes really quickly. I have already had two classes. I really leave everything – my electronic devices except my phone because I was listening to music. I just want to feel the music. So I usually get some coffee and enjoy the time. When you are not around electronics and work, time passes much much slower. It’s kinda the way we create time – you cannot really add an hour to a 24 hour day. You really stretch your time with what you have: either by experiencing the full immensity of it, by leaving everything behind or you could be doing what you are doing and let time pass quickly. That may be efficient, of course, but is it really living? Sometimes we have to take a moment. I am surprised I have drank coffee, I have listened to about 10 songs and I have gone to the registrar to get some contacts but it’s only been 35 minutes. Though it felt like two hours already. I have created a lot of time today.”