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St. Olaf resource round-up

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Once college starts, it can sometimes feel as though St. Olaf is a big maze that is hard to navigate. This is okay, and it’s important to remember that you do not have to figure it all out alone. There are many resources that will help you through your time here at St.Olaf —  we’ve compiled some of them here for you.

Health Resources

On-Campus Health Services

St. Olaf has partnered with Northfield Hospitals & Clinics to provide an on-campus practice that you can visit by appointment whenever you need medical assistance for minor illnesses and injuries. If the service you need is not provided by the campus practice, you will be assisted  towards other healthcare providers in Northfield. You can find more information about health services on campus here.

Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center on campus provides a variety of services for support in not only your mental wellbeing but also in your wellness in academics and interpersonal relationships. The services are free to all St. Olaf students through an appointment system. You can find more information about counseling services and other mental health here.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center has positioned itself as the go-to place for all things that have to do with your overall well being, including but not limited to physical, sexual and mental wellness. Through the work of student peer educators, you can set up appointments for personal chats regarding different wellness issues, attend insightful wellness events and stop by to get free supplies ranging from condoms and menstrual supplies to chapstick. Check out their website for more information. 

Academic  Resources

Center for Advising and Academic Support (CAAS)

CAAS is a hub for an array of resources that will support your learning and academic pursuits during your time at St. Olaf. Advisors help you understand and plan your major(s), general education and graduation requirements. CAAS also provides tutoring, writing support and disability and access services. Learn more about the resources that CAAS provides here.

Piper Center for Vocation & Career 

The Piper Center provides resources that guide you as you begin to think through and carve out career possibilities at and beyond St.Olaf. Some of the services by the Piper Center include assistance building your resume, financial grants for internships and career coaching. Find out more about services you can make the most of from their website.

Financial resources  

Financial Aid Office

Many students may feel stranded when they have questions and concerns about their college financial aid and other financial issues that come up during their time at St. Olaf. Remember that you can always contact the Financial Aid Office and even book appointments for a chat with the office staff. You do not have to struggle through money-related challenges on your own. 

Emergency Fund

In the event of financial hardship due to an unexpected event or emergency, you can apply for the St. Olaf Emergency Fund to help you cover your needs. Read more about the specific eligibility requirements of this fund here.

Safety Resources


Title IX on campus provides resources that are intended to support students in the events of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct. If you experience any of these, visit St. Olaf’s Title IX website to get detailed guidance on steps you can take to get the support and protection you need. Most importantly, know that if you wish to make a sexual harassment report while preferring anonymity, that option is also available for you. 

Bias Response Team

Incidents of biases, hate crime, and harassment based on your race, religion, national origin, etc. can be sent to St Olaf’s Bias Response Team. You can find more on how to report bias incidents here. You can also have a look at Wellness Center’s Racism and Mental Health page on their website, which provides a collection of resources to better understand racism, antiracism and their relationship to the mental health of students from marginalised groups. 

These are just some of the main resources that you can and probably should make the most of. The trick is to continue to be intentional about asking questions and seeking out the help you need. In addition to these, there are so many more resources that will make your college journey at St. Olaf a whole lot easier. 

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