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St. Olaf, mask up


Masks have become a part of everyday style here on campus. The one you pick out each morning might match your mood or your outfit, or it may be a rushed decision when you’re late for class. Though St. Olaf provided all students with masks, many homemade or individually purchased masks roam around campus each day. Here are just a few of those, and what their owners have to say about them:

“My mom brought this mask to me from the kitchen store she works at. I like it because it has flowers on it, and I like flowers.” — Brennan Brink ’21

“This one’s reversible!” — Freya Gordon ’24

“We got these ones from Target.” — Emma Borkowski ’21
“I think it really brings out my eyes.” — Gretchen Olson ’21

“You want me to say something about my mask?!” — Sam Bailey ’21

“I love this mask because it’s sustainably made with salvaged hemp! Go green!” — Reilly Friend ’24

“It’s laundry day for my masks!” — Solveig Gordon ’21

So, whether you’re tossing your mask in the laundry, or you’ve got on your absolute favorite, wearing your mask is what counts! Thanks for masking up, St. Olaf, and let’s continue to see all those unique face coverings around campus so that everyone can express themselves while staying safe!

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