Fall Leaves


“Today of all the days so far is the nicest,” said one of the men.

“How so?” said the other.

“The leaves, it’s perfect today,” said the first man as the wind gave a small draft cooling

their faces “It doesn’t happen often around here, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Right, you ain’t from around here, huh?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, the leaves change colors, but these are by far the nicest I have seen them.”

As the days passed, the two men sat watching the trees above them change from bright,

youthful and dazzling green to a nice, crisp, burnt orange. They only left to get work done and to

eat, the usual business for anybody. Watching the tree leaves became a new hobby for them as

one of them never got to see them. He claims he never went out much and winters weren’t

freezing cold but a nice temperature, yet he never bothered to look outside.

“You’ve been missing out you know?” said the first man.

“I guess so. It is beautiful,” the other responded.

“Yeah, wait until the next week, that’s when things take a drastic turn.”

“So you say. So far you’ve been the only one who’s reacted to the weather with discomfort.”

“You’ll see, for now just take it in, maybe it’ll give you inspiration.”

Inspiration? The thought went through, and he began to think about how a leaf could

inspire him before grabbing one and studying its composition. There’s so much more he didn’t

know about the world, is what he thought. The leaf was evidence that there was so much yet to be taught and experienced.

That’s what he thought about for the rest of the day, wondering what else was beyond the

horizon of possibility.

“Maybe I should try more.”


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