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Aries: This fall your emotions will change like the leaves, from green to yellow to red. Stop and take a break before you fall from the sky.

Taurus: Get your fuzzy socks ready, looks like another cozy fall for you. Save some firewood for the rest of us.

Gemini:  Mercury Retrograde puts a damper on your fall plan of dazzling everyone with your spooky stories. Choose your words carefully to not appear like atotal creep. 

Cancer: I sense another Gilmore Girls rewatch in your near future. Do you still idolize Rory?


Leo: Get started on planning your Halloween costume(s) now, Leo. You can’t let anyone outshine you this year!


Virgo: Virgos relish the start of the semester, but be careful not to burn out too quickly. Best of luck keeping up with that color-coded Google Calendar. 


Libra: Resist the urge to send your class to crush a link to ‘we fell in love in october’ by girl

in red. 


Scorpio: Good news, the night is officially longer than the day. Live out your vampire dream.


Sagittarius: Your passion will burn even hotter than Cage apple cider this fall. Aim that passion wisely.


Capricorn:   Use some of your restless energy to rake the leaves. The wind may remind you that you can’t control everything.


Aquarius: Keep up your mysterious aura by taking a solo Natural Lands walk. Just don’t be so aloof that you get lost again. 


Pisces: Enjoy an afternoon of hammocking. Reflect and relax away from the stress of your daily life.


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