New Beginnings


That blaring sound again, never really knew how to describe the sound, but everyone knows the sound in their own way. Always needed when we need to wake up for something important, or I guess something that we find important. If we had the choice, I’m sure we wouldn’t have one, but we chose to have it because we want to change for something new. I sure as hell don’t like the feeling of being disrupted during sleep, but each time I hear that sound I know that I need to get up for that important thing. Could be a job, school, a date even, it really could be anything that I find important, but the similarity each of those thing’s share is that it is something new for me.


A new day is a new day and start to a path I will get used to; it takes time just like anything else, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Hearing that sound again tells me that I’m back at it but I also know that my mornings are different, doesn’t feel right, but that isn’t special to just me. Everyone knows that sound with that feeling in the morning, the feeling of not knowing what’ll come next, either in the new day or in a new place or a new year, it’s always exciting to see what’ll come next but also terrifying.


As I sit up thinking about what could or even will happen, I understand that it’ll take time just like everything else, feels like a ramble each morning. A ramble that I’m sure everyone has. I’ll get used to it, I know I will, everything new in the moment will be a memory of old at some point, so why be worried?


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