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Sweet Horoscopes

Aries: Lemon meringue goodness is coming your way. Keep an eye out for special treats, in all forms!


Taurus: Your howl bites the wind and you taste summer by the freckles on your cheeks and nose. Taste life in every bite that comes your way!


Gemini:  Dance springs to life in your petals, petals that leave but crunch under us in time. 


Cancer: Blue paints your lips with the frozen sweetness of berries. Freezing your head but warming your heart, you bite at the warmth of summer. 


Leo: You’ll get a sweet kiss this week! Summer romance will be terrible so soak in the sugar before the spice…


Virgo: You are the peach we waited for when all we could eat was blackberries.


Libra: Aquaaa, Aquaa, Aqua Aqua Aqua. You are so nice and so lovely. Starfish may be huge suckups, but they never lie 🙂


Scorpio: You shine with lights of fire so fleeting, with the taste of sun kissed marshmallow, you sit in everyone’s stomachs like the end of a sunny day. 


Sagittarius: Cheddar Brat kinda it’s gonna be sick! Might have a tummy ache tho…watch out!


Capricorn:  You sway like the trees, growing into nature, you grow into summer.


Aquarius: You are the creation story of your own world. Create yourself from teeth to toes this summer, it’s gonna be a good one. 

Pisces: Your slowest flowers still burn with the taste of apricots on a summer night. Let others watch you grow.