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What’s on your daylist?


Illustration by Andrew Mazariegos-Ovalle


Spotify has been promoting their daylists recently, which is a playlist that changes throughout the day based on your listening habits, and the algorithm has been on point. The daylists are also a good medium for finding new music that matches your vibe. A lot of the most recent music I have found has been because of my daylists. Here is a look at what I’m listening to during a typical day. 


At the beginning of the day, I usually listen to some Beatles or other soft rock. I have 8:00 a.m. classes every day, so starting off my day with a walk to class and John Lennon gets me in the right headspace to listen to 12-tone rows in music theory.


After class and during lunch, “relaxing” is a typical tag in my daylists. Usually, there is some Fleetwood Mac and Boygenius on my daylist. When I’m ready to start doing homework, Arctic Monkeys and Alex G are artists that I typically listen to. When I run in the afternoon, I typically listen to Green Day and other punk music that helps me keep my energy going. Nighttime is when I typically listen to the most music. Lately, I’ve been enjoying listening to Radiohead after dinner and into the night. I’ve also been listening to Alex G and the Arctic Monkeys into the night. After a long day, their music is helpful for unwinding and settling in. 


If you are a Spotify user and haven’t tried listening to your daylists yet, check them out! The algorithm is usually fairly accurate and they’re great for finding new music. Plus, they often give you fun tags like “poetry,” “scream,” “funk,” or “folksy,” to name a few examples. Check them out and see what your vibe is throughout the day!

Lauren Hanna
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