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Thomas Hardy/Manitou Messenger
21 Nov: Heartbeat

It took me about a year and a half, but I think I can say with full certainty that I…



22 Apr: Zimmerman shines on the court

NAME: Margaret Zimmerman SPORT: Tennis HOMETOWN: Racine, Wis. HIGH SCHOOL: The Prairie High School MAJOR:Computer Science TENNIS HISTORY:I started playing…


25 Sep: Happy Tempests

A wicked pane of glass or perhaps of neck and mind through which the only thing that’s seen is the…

23 Sep: Happily Ever After

What comes after The End? A café for coffee and small talk? We all cram into the Fairy Godmother’s two-door…

21 Sep: The Wizard

There is a wizard in my biology class. I’m sure of it. I hate to use the word wizard, really,…