Campus band Bazeen wows, Ladder in the Woods debuts at MEC balcony concert

For anyone else who typically shies away from concerts in the Pause, I am sorry to say that you missed out on the Music Entertainment Committe’s (MEC) concert this past Saturday. Personally, I don’t usually like concerts. The music is too loud and the crowds are too crazy. When I decided to go see campus bands Bazeen and Ladder in the Woods at their concert, I was hesitant, but after a few minutes there I was glad I went.

I have been to a few other concerts in the Pause, mostly to cover them for the Messenger. As a video journalist, I like to run around up on the balcony, setting up tripods and watching from the sidelines. However, I wasn’t alone on the balcony last Saturday, as the concert took place on the balcony instead of the Mane Stage, providing a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

The audience was on the same level as the musicians, allowing listeners to get closer to the musicians and get a better feel for the bands. Although the balcony wasn’t designed to host concerts the way that the stage was, the audio and lighting were just as good. Lights on the balcony and on the stage were in use as well, highlighting the bands but also engaging the entire space.

This concert was the debut performance for Ladder in the Woods.
“This is our first show. That’s because we only play on leap days,” joked band member John Turco ’20. They did a phenomenal job for their first show, as they felt comfortable in the relaxed atmosphere. Ladder in the Woods played soft and melodic sounds, with a comforting and familiar feel. A soft yet powerful start to what would prove to be an excellent concert.

Bazeen has been a band for several years now, swapping out members after each graduation. While they had more experience, they also fit the smaller space perfectly.
“I think it’s just ‘cause I’m used to, like, house shows,” vocalist Alina Villa ’20 said. While the concert was much more relaxed, the audience was still on their feet and was happy to jump around for the final song. Their music explored a wide range of emotions and styles, while consistently engaging the crowd and providing an energized and exciting show.
Overall, MEC’s concert was a great experience and I would highly recommend a balcony show for anyone who normally avoids bigger concerts.

Missed the concert but want to see what it was all about? Go to the Manitou Messenger channel on YouTube to watch a video interview with the bands and see footage from the show.