Oles after dark: Weeknight Pause culture

On Thursday, Feb. 27 at 11 p.m., four first-year students were playing pool and chatting in the Pause. They all had classes the next day and still decided to hang out at odd hours of the night. This phenomenon is not uncommon for St. Olaf students, especially since the new air hockey table made its first appearance.

For many, staying up late might not be an issue. Since the Pause closes at midnight, many students have no problem playing a game of pool or air hockey before bed.
“This semester all my classes start at 11:50 or later, so I can go to bed whenever I want,” Luke Springer ’23 said.

Students also get hungry for midnight snacks or do homework in the Pause. Grace Alexander ’23, a music major, said she often eats at the Pause for dinner.
“I practice a lot of the time when I’m supposed to be eating,” Alexander said.
For others, getting a Pause pizza for friends on a Friday or Saturday night justifies the late night trip.

Noah Tibben-Lembke ’23 and Theo Duncan ’23 play pool according to the rules, making moves too fast and talented to catch. Tibben-Lembke practices pool at night for his chance at glory in the St. Olaf pool league. Duncan accompanies for moral support.
All four students agreed against playing air hockey because of the loud noise the machine makes.

The constant liveliness of the Pause fosters an atmosphere that invites many students in. Bustling with food, music, air hockey and TV, there’s always something to do at all hours of the day. Even late on a school night, people are busy getting food, playing games or studying.