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Wicked good goodies: Whoppers are the best!


Halloween is the best holiday to get free candy, snacks, and treats from people who either make their treats to give away, or buy packs and packs of candy. Getting bags by the pound of candy, coming home, and sorting through everything in piles on the living room floor is amazing as well, especially if you have siblings. The best end to a Halloween night is the sorting of your candies and treats into piles that you’ll either devour that same night, give to your sibling, and plan to give away the next day at school.

Now it’s my turn to tell you about the absolute correct opinion of the best Halloween candies and treats and some bad ones too — I might even sprinkle in some unpopular opinions while I’m at it!

The best Halloween candies, in my opinion, are KitKats, Whoppers, Twix, and M&Ms. But my personal favorite will always be KitKats because of the variety they come out with for Halloween. You can get them as singles, doubles, thins, whole bars, king-size bars, or those thick long bars of delicious chocolate and wafer crunch on the inside. I’ve also always loved Whoppers, inhaling the packs that came in threes and having the satisfaction of biting down on the spherical candy of chocolate and the crunchy malted milk center. Twix is next on my list of the best candies. The mix of the biscuit inside coated with caramel and chocolate, in my eyes, makes the world go round.

Candy corn is also very festive and a good treat to have out to snack on. It’s an over-hated candy and an actually good snack for Halloween if you just like the taste and sugar it brings to the table.

The worst candies you could pass out during Halloween are the following: 100 Grand, York Patties, Almond Joy, Twizzlers, Milk Duds, and Dots. If you eat them, that’s perfectly fine.  I might judge you or look at you funny, especially if you eat them near me, but that’s overall fine.

If I wanted to eat nuts, I would buy peanuts and cashews rather than a 100 Grand bar. If I wanted to eat chocolate and mints together like York Patties, I wouldn’t, to be frank, because they are disgusting together. Almond Joys — just don’t eat them. Twizzlers are just not good enough substitutes for licorice. They taste like the residue of cherries, and don’t have a real flavor or sweetness. Milk Duds and Dots are simply horrible. Dots are so chewy with no real good flavors to back it up as a brand, and Milk Duds are a straight-up dud with nothing to make them unique or have anything to write home about.

Now, having heard all that, you can still like what you like, enjoy the candies you like, or even love, to eat on Halloween night. Just make sure to sort out the candies you like and don’t like. Who knows, you might just make a few more friends or enemies based on the candies you guys eat together or argue about on the same night. 

Louise Skokan is from Minneapolis, Minn. Her major is undeclared.