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What’s in? Learning tarot!


What’s in for me right now is something that I’m just getting back into and practicing on my own for a hot minute: tarot card reading. It’s something I’ve wanted to learn and try out for a while, so to finally sit down and start learning when I have free time is fun. 


Now let me set this straight, I’m still very much a beginner and still learning. My cards are different from the standard deck because they’re in the specific art style of Guillermo del Toro instead of  more common style like the Rider Waite tarot card decks.


A major focus of tarot card readings is learning about the major and minor arcanas and interpreting specific cards from the guides that summarize what the art represents. You can learn to interpret cards on your own to make the answers more specific to yourself or others. I am first learning how to read the cards upright; it’s easier to start slower than to learn everything at once. Plus, structure is something you want to learn, too. 


Right now I’m learning how to answer specific questions that range from one-card responses to showing people cards that represent the past, present, and future to show how their life has gone, is going, or will go.


I got interested in tarot card readings and tarot cards as a whole from my multiple trips to New Orleans. I’ve always been interested in the spiritual history of the city, so when my brother and I have the opportunity, we get a reading and ask questions. I’ve always had a good feeling about and enjoyed going to tarot card readings. Even readings in Minnesota, at certain times, have piqued my interest when they get certain things right about me, my past, my present, and my foreseeable future.


Tarot card reading is just something I want to do, whether it’s limited to a few people here on campus when I feel comfortable enough, or whether it’s my close friends and family members. It’s a nice little hobby I’ve been doing outside of class, and it has been bringing me joy! 


You should try learning to read tarot cards as well. It takes time to get used to everything depending on how much you want to learn, like learning how to interpret upright and reversed meanings. I definitely recommend learning tarot in your free time.


Louise Skokan is from Minneapolis, Minn. 

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