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Illustration by Aimi Dickel '22
17 Nov: Heartbeat

I am a man. I figured this out at some point between the first time my father told me not…


17 Nov: What’s right, and what’s left?

Some students found themselves politically confused after hearing Abid Raja, Norwegian parliamentarian, speaking on campus — after all, Abid Raja…

17 Nov: Twitter’s blue check mark

After Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter, there have been tumultuous and chaotic attempts to keep the company afloat as it…



Tree Column roots graphic Justin Vorndran
04 Nov: In Devotion to the Forest

Forest Eyes   Her iris smells of morning rain, Of decomposing leaves in soil. Her gaze grows mushrooms in my…

04 Nov: Walking Poems

poem 1.   Sometimes I wonder, are there more legs or cars in the world? Because I see far too…

04 Nov: Cozy Recipes

Ingredients     ¾ cup softened butter   ¾ cup brown sugar   ¾ cup white sugar   1 teaspoon…